Thalatta Fine Dinning Restaurant

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Explore the rich culinary heritage of the Dodecanese region, Greece and the entire Mediterranean basin through the tantalizing tastes of the Thalatta Fine Dinning Restaurant. Time honoured recipes with a touch of the Rhodian cuisine and the inspired creativity of Thalatta’s chefs, prepared with the freshest local ingredients, meat and fish from trusted vendors and accompanied with some of the finest labels of local wines. Here, every bite is a breeze of the Mediterranean Sea, every dish a vessel that travels you to distant times and faraway lands, and every sip of wine a gift from the Gods. Savour the tastes and the flavours that make the Mediterranean so unique and famous all around the world, at the Thalatta Fine Dinning Restaurant of Lindos Grand Resort & Spa, at the dreamy bay of Vlycha.

Thalatta Fine Dining Restaurant operates daily except Sundays.