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The best attractions of Rhodes: Full Guide

For many, the entire island of Rhodes is an attraction. There is a multitude of things to do, of places to see and explore and experiences to savour. Starting from the iconic Medieval Town of Rhodes, an impeccably preserved and inhabited medieval citadel and a UNESCO World Heritage Monument; there are no words to describe what it feels like to wander around the city, to visit the Grand Magister’s Palace, the Archaeological Museum, the Municipal Art Gallery or any of the several medieval chapels spread around the town. In the modern section of the city of Rhodes one can find an extensive selection of high-end shops and stores, restaurants, cafes and bars for every taste, a vivid nightlife and interesting attractions such as the Aquarium, the Museum of Modern Art, the King’s Park and the Ancient Stadium, right beneath the hilltop Temple of Apollo, on the Monte Smith area overlooking the city with breath-taking panoramic views of Rhodes.

Outside the city, the three ancient states of the island Lindos, Ialysos and Kamiros all have something intriguing to offer to their visitors. The Acropolis of Ialysos, now known as Filerimos houses a charming medieval monastery built on the ruins of the ancient castle. Here, a large cross shaped tower, hidden at the end of a cypress road adorned with depictions of the Holy Week, offers amazing views to the west coast of Rhodes and the neighbouring Asia Minor. Kamiros is an archaeological site of immense significance, as it is one of the oldest and most advanced cities in Europe. Lindos on the other side of the island merges traditional island living with its rich history, as a charming traditional village stands in harmony on the foot of the ancient Acropolis. Moreover, some of the island’s attractions one should definitely include in their itinerary are the Valley of the Butterflies, the Seven Springs Valley, the Tsambika monastery and the mountainous region of Embonas, famed for its high-quality wines.

The majestic island of Rhodes is full of surprises; all you have to do is look…