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Sustainability Statement

The Lindos Hotel Group is conscious and aware of the impact of our hotel operations on the local, regional and countrywide environment. At Lindos Hotels we are committed to preserving Rhodes and coexisting and operating sustainably with the local community. We feel strongly that sustainability must be integrated into our business practices and operations at every level and across all properties, therefore we aim to lead the way in ensuring Rhodes remains vibrant and resilient for generations to come.

We believe in sustainability by design, therefore, we adhere to the Sustainable Hotel Design ‘best practices’ as part of our policy for new developments and the refurbishment of our hotels.

Each of our hotels is thoroughly evaluated and verified by independent third-party auditors annually to ensure we are continuing to improve our sustainable operations.

We have implemented the following procedures:

  • We have appointed external environmental experts to help us establish an ‘environmental management system’ across all properties of Lindos Hotel Group.
  • We have appointed designated environmental teams at each property. Through our active environmental team, we ensure that our efforts are continually monitored, reviewed, updated and communicated to all staff.
  • We ensure that we comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • We measure and manage our environmental performance against our objectives and targets monthly and ensure we regularly review our progress and identify ways to further improve.
  • We train our staff on our environmental protocols so they understand their role in delivering our objectives and goals.

We have incorporated the following sustainable practices:

  • Water Resource Management
    We are committed to reducing our water footprint by installing water-efficient equipment across our properties and educating staff on water conservation. Throughout our operations, we strive for the sustainable management of our freshwater consumption aiming to minimize our impact and usage of water.
  • Efficient Energy Management
    We are committed to operating our hotels by maximizing energy efficiency without affecting the quality of our services. We have implemented energy-saving stategies by optimizing the operational efficiency of plant, equipment and upgrading systems.
  • Waste Management & Recycling
    We promote the importance of sustainable waste management practices and impact on the future economy and environment of Rhodes. Our Hotel Group has implemented an extensive recycling program with high staff engagement in order to significantly reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • Human Resource Policies & Procedures
    At Lindos Hotels we are committed to fostering a positive, safe and inclusive work environment for our employees – encouraging personal, economic and professional development. Lindos Hotels has a strong fundamental commitment to hard work, fair business practices, and respect.
  • Social Responsibility
    Lindos Hotels has a social responsibility to serve the greater community of Rhodes. Therefore, we have established an open communication policy with local businesses in order to foster a sustainable and mutually profitable relationship. Here at Lindos Hotels we are committed to helping and preserving the strong traditions and values of our local community and contribute to the development of local businesses.
  • Quality Policy
    We are committed raising our hospitality services to satisfying client expectations at the highest level of standards. Together with our employees we aim to improve the holiday experience creating a difference while respecting the cultural and natural environment of the local destination.

Our commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices benefits the environment and the communities in which our hotels are located, in addition to contributing to our long-term success. Lindos Hotel Group aims to minimize the impact of its activities on environmental resources by adopting efficient state-of-the-art technologies and innovative management practices. We believe that sustainability must be integrated into our business, along with the core values of our Group, therefore we are committed to continue working on the reduction of all possible negative environmental impacts which may be caused by our operation.

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